The municipality of Fossalta di Portogruaro. It is located north of Fossalta in border Teglio Veneto and San Michele al Tagliamento.

Alvisopoli is known for change rooted in the nineteenth century urban planning over by Count Alvise Mocenigo. The Mocenigo, were one of the most important families of the Serenissima. In the seventeenth century they had bought a vast estates with a small rural town called “The Molinat”. Soon the small town turned into an “ideal city”, which took its name. Mocenigo took charge of a commitment “industrial” that went from spinning to weaving, trying to use plant fibers grown on site.

Beets and rice also were introduce experimentally.

Even in terms of planning, the little village was transform completely. He conceived the construction of numerous buildings.





Villa very important not for its artistic value but for its very particular history.

Alvise Mocenigo, after the fall of Venice (1797), took refuge in his possessions between Portogruaro and San Michele al Tagliamento dreaming of idealizing an ideal city called it self-sufficient with its name. They were realized then also a church, a farm, a printing (gaining an excellent reputation) until it was moved to Venice.

After the death of the founder and the extinction of the family Mocenigo, he was completely abandon until the end of the twentieth century, when the restoration occurred.

In particular, the grounds of the villa that has been transform into an oasis of the WWF: the forest Alvisopoli.

From the Portogruaro station, it is easily accessible by bicycle.