San Vito al Tagliamento

San Vito al Tagliemento is located in Province of Pordenone in a fertile plain, on the right of the Tagliamento River. It was born in the XII century and its history is linked to that of the Patriarchate of Aquileia.




At the behest of the Patriarch Raimondo Della Torre, date back to 1200. A total renovation has brought the tower to the original system, enhancing its military destination. Equipped with a drawbridge and one main secondary for the passage of pedestrians. Today is venue for exhibitions and art events.



In ancient times, the church of San Vito changes name due to a special event in 1655 when James Giacomuzzi in 1649, for his large family, he rebuilt a new home carrying a box of pebbles from the river, where it was in a front a beautiful Madonna with a baby in her arms. Given that during the demolition of the old house, the painting fell but did not break, Giacomuzzi, struck from happening, took him back to hang at the entrance of his new home.

On 2 February 1655, the apparition of the Virgin Mary the daughter of Giacomo Giacomuzzi, while she was praying.

The father, after the story of her daughter, was not believed by anyone except by a monk of the church of San Vito (Father Vitale Vitali ) that after several support from superiors , brought the painting in the church .

In 1800, plans by an architect of San Vito, the church was immediate improvements and became the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Rosa.

In March 1945 the last bombing which was again destroyed the church but the portrait remained miraculously intact.

After the war, the sanctuary was rebuilt, which is the place of many pilgrims from around the world.

Still there are testimonies of various apparitions.