Sesto al Reghena

Sesto al Reghena is positioned in the lower plain Venetian – Friulian, on the border with the Province of Venice in pre-Roman times as many archaeological findings confirm.

Sesto said it was a “statio”, a military willing to place sixth milestone of the road Concordia connected with the Norian.

The current name of Sesto al Reghena dating back to 1867, when Friuli was united to Italy and references to Reghena River, that crosses the country.




ABBAZIA BENEDETTINA DI SANTA MARIA IN SYLVIS: The abbey was founded in the first half of the VIII century. It characterized by a large exhibition of stone artifacts and sculptures from Roman times through the Middle Ages and frescoes of the school of Giotto . Destroyed by the Hungarians in 889, the Abbey strengthened himself and attributed the appearance of a medieval castle with defensive formed by towers and moats.

FONTANA DI VENCHIAREDO: Located in Casette, town of Sesto al Reghena to border Cordovado.

This fountain is located in the park literary Ippolito Nievo, dedicated to the writer from Friuli because he sang the fountain and the stream that are in the pages of ìîconfession of an Italianî, a novel with a political and patriotic, which ended in 1858.

The atmosphere despite various changes, shows exactly the flavor and rustic country suggested that the place to Nievo. There are numerous stream and springs where is located the fountain of Venchiaredo.